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Holding Hands

Habits & Addiction


What are habits and addictions?

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol  

  • Nail Biting 


You’re preparing supper and you notice ¾ bottle of wine is gone by the time you sit down.

Every day you promise yourself you’ll cut down and drink less alcohol, but it never happens. Your face looks puffy, you’re putting on weight and you want to be confident in social situations but can’t do it without a drink.

It’s a quick way for you to switch off and relax and has become a habit

You try and cut down, but you find you turn to alcohol again and again.


Because the underlying reasons for drinking are never addressed

How can we manage habits and addictions in an effective way?

It’s hard to go sober.

Most solutions are about quitting but do you just want to just enjoy a drink or two and not feel like you have to carry on? Or you have quit only to find you start drinking again when you are feeling stressed, unhappy or bored?

You care about your health and you want to have more energy, sleep better and feel more confident yet your inner mind is so powerful it can override what your conscious mind wants.

Hypnotherapy works on your inner mind and can help change unwanted behaviour, habits and beliefs around alcohol providing you with the skills and positivity to get you back in control of your drinking.

Everyone is different, but we work together to help you uncover your own answers.


Your Health

A healthier lifestyle improves happiness. And there is one key factor in having a healthy lifestyle: the regular intake of healthy food. The foods you consume are the building blocks of your body and your brain.

Family at the Park

Your Future

Whether having a great future to you means having a family, a high-paying job or getting into your dream school, it’s the things you do today will affect your tomorrow.

Image by Lina Trochez

Your Wellbeing

Reframe unhelpful thoughts The way we think, feel and behave are linked. Sometimes we develop patterns of thoughts or behaviours that are unhelpful so recognising them, and taking steps to think about things differently, can improve your mental and physical wellbeing

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