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Weight Management

Have you frequently struggled to achieve your weight goal?

Could you write your own book on the diets you have tried in the past or repeated with little success? 

Is food your friend, in times of emotion, stress or unhappiness?

Weight management not only requires a change in mindset but also changes in nutrition and lifestyle to make it permanent.

If you want to change both mind and body learning positive ways of coping with stress and daily challenges………….

Let me help you!

In the main, traditional diets do not work in the long term on the underlying reasons for overeating and weight issues. My holistic approach uses the powerful connection between the mind and body.

Everyone is unique.

My programme is tailor made to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Drinking Water Outside

Your Health

A healthier lifestyle improves happiness. And there is one key factor in having a healthy lifestyle: the regular intake of healthy food. The foods you consume are the building blocks of your body and your brain.

Family at the Park

Your Future

Whether having a great future to you means having a family, a high-paying job or getting into your dream school, it’s the things you do today will affect your tomorrow.

Image by Lina Trochez

Your Wellbeing

Reframe unhelpful thoughts The way we think, feel and behave are linked. Sometimes we develop patterns of thoughts or behaviours that are unhelpful so recognising them, and taking steps to think about things differently, can improve your mental and physical wellbeing

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