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Sleeping in Green Sheets


Can't sleep? Feeling constantly fatigued? Catching one illness after another?

Prolonged lack of sleep can disrupt your immune system and affect your overall health.

1 in 3 of us suffers from poor sleep, often due to stress from financial concerns, work or relationship issues. Constant media exposure may make it more difficult for your brain to switch off. You may have chronic pain that can keep you awake. Poor sleep can put you at risk of weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, depression and anxiety, shortening your life expectancy.

Hypnotherapy is a natural approach to sleep problems promoting a deeply relaxed sleep without the need for medication.

Sleeping Cat

Your Health

A healthier lifestyle improves happiness. And there is one key factor in having a healthy lifestyle: the regular intake of healthy food. The foods you consume are the building blocks of your body and your brain.

Family at the Park

Your Future

Whether having a great future to you means having a family, a high-paying job or getting into your dream school, it’s the things you do today will affect your tomorrow.

Image by Lina Trochez

Your Wellbeing

Reframe unhelpful thoughts The way we think, feel and behave are linked. Sometimes we develop patterns of thoughts or behaviours that are unhelpful so recognising them, and taking steps to think about things differently, can improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

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